portable LED LIGHT E9, 9W magnetic base

Brand: ALL4ATV
IN STOCK (>5 pcs)

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 - light cold
 - operating temp. -40°C to +80°C 
 - material aluminium housing (acts as a heat sink)
 - quantity LED / LM 9x LED, 810 LM
 - mounting set including screws and mounting brackets
 - incl. USB cable and 2 power adapters
 - function work light, combo
 - watt 9W
 - voltage 12V/24V
 - certificates ECE R10
 - lamp weight 1,4 kg
 - packaging 1 pcs

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Thanks to the strong magnet at the bottom the light keeps it is stability even ehen off-road driving or by high speed.

LED work lamp used to illuminate the working area in vehicles off the public roads. For suitable installation and use of lights it is advisable to read the instructions to ensure personal safety and durability of the products. The LED lights  must be installed out of reach of children.

The appliance must be fitted out of reach of children. If you would like to change the existing incandescent/halogen lighting on LED lighting - installation does not require to make any changes, except replacing the lamps. While installing new / additional LED lighting you must verify the current capacity of the switch to which you are going to connect the lamp. If you exceed the current carrying capacity of the switch to which you want to connect LED lighting, use an additional relay - the installation of lamps should make a professional person only. Use in airy places.

The instalation should be made by professional workshop of specialized service only. User's manual available for download at MANUALS & SUPPORT. Lamps must be installed only in accordance with UN ECE regulations.


  • Do not look directly into the light - it may cause damage or even loss of vision.
  • Install only in specialized workshops or professional services.
  • Use in open space only.
  • Use in accordance to the purpose.


ECE R10IP 67

Additional parameters

Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 1 kg